2020Q2 REVIEW: Change

Jun 19, 2020


Let’s reflect on the Leader’s Field Guides from 2020Q2. As you focus on "change", what habits would help you develop more acceptance and adaptability?

It’s time for a review! Reflect on 2020Q2 and consider what you’ve incorporated into your leadership and what needs more attention. Think about how each topic challenges you to reflect on the change you, your teams, and your family members are experiencing. How can you enhance your leadership by being more accepting and adaptable? Use the following recap of the Leader’s Field Guide to remind you of the lessons from this quarter. Using the lens of change, what overarching goal will you set for 2020Q3?

  • Paradigm Shift: We discussed how the Stockdale Paradox emphasizes perseverance through and acceptance of brutal facts.
  • Agile Leadership: We highlighted Bill Joiner’s Change Model and our Agile Leadership arena, level, and type.
  • Recovering from Mistakes: We brainstormed about the consequences, rehearsal, patience, and grace of mistakes when trying to appear confident and competent.
  • Taking Out the Trash: We discovered how change forces us to consider the components in our environment that need to be tossed out, refined, or created.
  • Leaders Need Spacesuits: We had a great conversation about why leaders, like astronauts, need protection, navigation, and power to prevent damage, achieve goals, and focus energy.
  • Leading Teams Under Pressure: We explored how challenging situations tempt teams toward changing processes, leaning on ‘favorites’, and focusing on good news instead of preparation, experts, and reality.
  • The Longest Day, Ever!: We focused on how sharing the workplace experience challenges us to continue our influence on education planning, self-discovery, and bully prevention.
  • Pick Your Triangle: We reflected on how the David Emerald’s Empowerment Triangle draws us into our best roles as Creator, Challenger, and Coach.
  • Taskage™: Addressing the Difficult: We learned what leaders should reassess, renegotiate, and reestablish to bring difficult efforts to a close.
  • Using a Different “Yes”: We talked about the power of using “yes, and…”, inviting solutions, acknowledging change, and staying positive.

I challenge you to make a formal list of outcomes you envision for 2020Q3. What habits can you establish in the next three months that would help you develop acceptance and adaptability in light of current or expected change? (I can hardly express my gratitude for the powerfully confident and humble-hearted leaders in our weekly Synergy Groups— I learn so much from you and our Spirited conversations.)

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