2020Q3 REVIEW: Identity

Sep 18, 2020


Let’s reflect on the Leader’s Field Guides from 2020Q3. As you focus on "identity", how can you develop more clarity and intentional expression?

It’s time for a review! Reflect on 2020Q3 and consider what you’ve incorporated into your leadership and what needs more attention. Think about how each topic challenges you to reflect on your professional and personal identity. Are those identities different? How can you enhance your leadership with more clarity and intentional expression? Use the following recap of the Leader’s Field Guide to remind you of the lessons from this quarter. Using the lens of identity, what overarching goal will you set for 2020Q4?

  • Landscape of Office Politics: We discussed informal/formal and individual/organizational layout and the four terrains of office politics: The Weeds, The Rocks, The High Ground, and The Woods.
  • Livin' for the Weekend: We reviewed taking breaks for time off, mental relaxation, and self-care results in more productivity.
  • Who Has Time for Patience?: We highlighted three things: the challenges of not knowing, enjoying the now, and working hard.
  • Red Flag Alert: We brainstormed about how prickly leaders focused on short-term advantages, single-factor decisions, and self-preservation cause eroding support.
  • What's a Memory Dart?: We delved into how to create a Memory Dart by distilling truth statements and five elements into a few memorable words.
  • Pronoia is REAL!: We had a great conversation suggesting pronoid people are likable, capable and confident because they leverage multipliers, expectations, and persistence.
  • Identity Crisis: We explored how performance spurs excellence, titles drive contribution, and the past inspires today’s focus.
  • Virtual Networking: We focused on how intentionality about relationships, quirks, and service helps us leverage the limitless geographical boundaries and access to people.
  • What More Do You Need?: We reflected on how heroes can be successful through significant challenge with what they already have in conjunction with a clarifying goal.
  • Change Fee: We talked about the cost of changing and not changing as it relates to business expense and what we might be avoiding. Improvement comes at quite a price-- a change fee.

I challenge you to make a formal list of outcomes you envision for 2020Q4. What habits can you establish in the next three months that would help you develop more clarity and intentional expression of your identity-- at work and at home? (I can hardly express my gratitude for the powerfully confident and humble-hearted leaders in our weekly Synergy Groups— I learn so much from you and our Spirited conversations.)

by Michelle Sugerman • Leading Synergies, LLC • © All Rights Reserved

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