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Synergy Group Devotional PROGRESS: Volume 2020Q4

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Gain access to Daily Workout materials:

  • Same clever content used by Synergy Group Members.
  • Connection to others via the ALL-ACCESS Water Cooler.
  • Thoughtful business leadership questions.
  • Great conversation starters about Christian faith.
  • Deeper thought inspired by Biblical references.
  • Quarterly and weekly goal setting.
  • Access from any device at any time.
  • Perfect for group and individual study.
  • Light-hearted Wisdom for Serious Business.

Through the Lens of "Progress":

  1. Healthy Competition: I love competition-- as long as I’m winning! Like cyclists riding through mountains, businesses face ups and downs. What role does competition play?
  2. Chestnut Do Over: I dug into the tiny white paper bag and tasted my first chestnut. How do expectations and repurposing play into our much-needed Do Overs?
  3. Runaway Truck Ramp: The sign says, “Don’t Be Fooled…”! What does that have to do with a big rig loaded to the legal max of 80,000 pounds, hot brakes, and hairpin curves?
  4. Get Ready to Soar: What do eagles teach about adjustment, the effortless, and the proven? What do birds have to do with planes, controversy, and the United States seal?
  5. 7-Minute Workout: Why can’t we simply microwave our way to great fitness, relationships, appreciation, or confidence? Here’s what efficiency experts won’t tell you.
  6. Waiting to Bloom: It is hard to wait for a good plan to unfold, what can impatient or discouraged leaders discover from cotton blossoms, boll weevils, and denim jeans?
  7. Take a Chance Card: What was the game of Monopoly intended to teach us and what can great leaders learn about taking risk, managing fear, and revealing personal edge.
  8. Scoring to Lose: Rarely does an opponent insist on giving points to the other team. What does an ill-timed goal tell us about instincts, clock management, and losing?
  9. Learning Styles Myth: You may not be able to use machine-learning algorithms, but you can entertain and engage learners while appealing to a broad set of learning styles.
  10. City of Gold: Miners worked for $2 per day, braving cave-ins and explosions. The Gold Rush presents leaders perfect examples of sunk, indirect and opportunity costs.
  11. A REVIEW