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Synergy Group Devotional CHANGE: Volume 2020Q2

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Gain access to Daily Workout materials:

  • Same clever content used by Synergy Group Members.
  • Connection to others via the ALL-ACCESS Water Cooler.
  • Thoughtful business leadership questions.
  • Great conversation starters about Christian faith.
  • Deeper thought inspired by Biblical references.
  • Quarterly and weekly goal setting.
  • Access from any device at any time.
  • Perfect for group and individual study.
  • Light-hearted Wisdom for Serious Business.

Through the Lens of "Change":

  1. Paradigm Shift: The letters G-B-U-J-S were tapped out using a towel against a prison cell. What the Stockdale Paradox says about leaders' perseverance and acceptance.
  2. Agile Leadership: Bill Joiner’s Change Model addresses "effective action in complex, rapidly changing conditions." What's your Agile Leadership arena, level, and type?
  3. Recovering from Mistakes: I insisted on appearing competent and confident by minimizing the issues-- only to discover the client interpreted my interactions as unapologetic! 😳
  4. Taking Out the Trash: I received an electric grill as a gift. Though riddled with guilt, I gave it away! Find out why and what I learned about leading through change.
  5. Leaders Need Spacesuits: The ISS "looks" quiet and peaceful as it orbits the earth at 18000 MPH! Leaders need spacesuits to prevent damage, achieve goals, and focus energy.
  6. Leading Teams Under Pressure: When stressed, it's tempting to change processes, lean on 'favorites', and focus on good news; instead, teams need preparation, experts, and reality.
  7. The Longest Day, Ever!: Quarantined families experience the longest Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day-- EVER, as sharing the workplace experience takes on new meaning.
  8. Pick Your Triangle: We play roles on a stage called "Workplace". What's your starring role? Are you enabling? Empowering? Pick a Triangle and start practicing your lines!
  9. Taskage™: Addressing the Difficult: When a project drags on, it may be too complex! What should leaders reassess, renegotiate, and reestablish to bring difficult efforts to a close?
  10. Using a Different “Yes”: Ever feel a twinge in your gut in response to a request? Maybe it's time for a different "Yes"! Find out what "Nice Girls Don’t Get…" author suggests.
  11. A REVIEW