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As a member, it is an honor to connect with others who share our faith! The intention of the group is to provide a safe place where leaders can explore business topics, discuss biblical principles, ask transparent questions, share accountability, and pray for one another. Our connection as professionals often leads to organic networking and may result in introductions, in-person meetings, and new business for members.

  • We are careful to hear from everyone who wants to share.
  • We hold conversations that are confidential and pleasing to the Lord (in meetings and online).
  • We start and end meetings promptly.
  • We notify the facilitator prior to unavoidable absences.
  • We prepare for each meeting (and attend even if we are not prepared).
  • We spend 10-15 minutes every day reading about, praying with, and listening to God.
  • We delight in connecting as professionals and avoid solicitation.
  • We commitment to regular attendance making each meeting very powerful.

Membership requires agreement and adherence to Expectations of Members.

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Leader's Field Guide Devotional: VOLUME 01

Gain access to Daily Workout materials:

  • Light-hearted Wisdom for Serious Business.
  • Connection to others via the ALL-ACCESS Water Cooler.
  • Thoughtful business leadership questions.
  • Deeper thought inspired by Biblical references.
  • Quarterly and weekly goal setting.
  • Access from any device at any time.
  • Perfect for group and individual study.

Topics Included: 

  1. Paradigm Shift: The letters G-B-U-J-S were tapped out using a towel against a prison cell. What the Stockdale Paradox says about leaders' perseverance and acceptance.
  2. Agile Leadership: Bill Joiner’s Change Model addresses "effective action in complex, rapidly changing conditions." What's your Agile Leadership arena, level, and type?
  3. Recovering from Mistakes: I insisted on appearing competent and confident by minimizing the issues-- only to discover the client interpreted my interactions as unapologetic! 😳
  4. Taking Out the Trash: I received an electric grill as a gift. Though riddled with guilt, I gave it away! Find out why and what I learned about leading through change.
  5. Leaders Need Spacesuits: The ISS "looks" quiet and peaceful as it orbits the earth at 18000 MPH! Leaders need spacesuits to prevent damage, achieve goals, and focus energy.
  6. Leading Teams Under Pressure: When stressed, it's tempting to change processes, lean on 'favorites', and focus on good news; instead, teams need preparation, experts, and reality.
  7. The Longest Day, Ever!: Quarantined families experience the longest Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day-- EVER, as sharing the workplace experience takes on new meaning.
  8. Pick Your Triangle: We play roles on a stage called "Workplace". What's your starring role? Are you enabling? Empowering? Pick a Triangle and start practicing your lines!
  9. Taskage™: Addressing the Difficult: When a project drags on, it may be too complex! What should leaders reassess, renegotiate, and reestablish to bring difficult efforts to a close?
  10. Using a Different “Yes”: Ever feel a twinge in your gut in response to a request? Maybe it's time for a different "Yes"! Find out what "Nice Girls Don’t Get…" author suggests.
  11. A REVIEW