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Synergy Group Devotional STRATEGY: Volume 2021Q1

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Gain access to Daily Workout materials:

  • Same clever content used by Synergy Group Members.
  • Connection to others via the ALL-ACCESS Water Cooler.
  • Thoughtful business leadership questions.
  • Great conversation starters about Christian faith.
  • Deeper thought inspired by Biblical references.
  • Quarterly and weekly goal setting.
  • Access from any device at any time.
  • Perfect for group and individual study.
  • Light-hearted Wisdom for Serious Business.

Through the Lens of "Strategy":

  1. WIIFM of Kindness: If you think of me as a nice person, then you’ve got to hear my origin story. You also need to know what you get back when you are kind to others.
  2. The Next 100 Days: Extreme arrogance, information bias, and poor communication caused Napoleon Bonaparte to meet his Waterloo. What can we learn from his mistakes?
  3. Situational Brainstorming: We all know how to brainstorm: lots of ideas, no judgment. Good leaders must address the nuances presented in various situations. Here are some tips!
  4. From Stranger to Raving Fan: A road map exists for converting potential clients to raving fans of your products and services. Discover the 8 stops on the Customer Value Journey.
  5. Big Ben, Small Changes: Big Ben’s 14-foot minute hands moves with accuracy down to the penny, yes, to the penny! Learn how one penny can influence a 31,000-pound bell.
  6. Case of the $15,000 Pizza: How did 25 really smart people pay $15,000 for a pizza? By losing sight of corporate mission, values, and goals-- along with a few other things!
  7. Getting to Inbox Zero: Tips and tricks for email management are countless and tend to be a bit polarizing, right? Get the 6 Ds and find out what Inbox Zero really means.
  8. Perception is Everything: What can a group of thrill-seeking ski bums teach us about uncertainty? Identify your team’s risk attitude and the importance of perception.
  9. Extinguishing Burnout: Grilling with charcoal briquets gives leaders insight into burnout. Learn to prevent flareups and control the heat during stressful seasons.
  10. Peaches & Coconuts: Building relationships with “Coconuts” and “Peaches” can get hairy. Gain insights into earning trust and developing camaraderie on a team.
  11. TAG! You're It: Making the call, asking a question, or speaking up... Do you thrive in a Learning Zone? Or suffer in the Apathy, Comfort, and Anxiety Zones?
  12. A REVIEW