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Leader's Field Guide Devotional: VOLUME 02

Gain access to Daily Workout materials:

  • Light-hearted Wisdom for Serious Business.
  • Connection to others via the ALL-ACCESS Water Cooler.
  • Thoughtful business leadership questions.
  • Great conversation starters about Christian faith.
  • Deeper thought inspired by Biblical references.
  • Quarterly and weekly goal setting.
  • Access from any device at any time.
  • Perfect for group and individual study.

Topics Included: 

  1. Landscape of Office Politics: As an observer of vicious politics, I may need to be peeled off the ceiling. But, remember, office politics (born of scarcity) can be used for good!
  2. Livin' for the Weekend: In 1975, The O'Jays sang about "Livin' for the Weekend" Sound familiar? Ironically, there IS a better way. Taking breaks allow for more productivity!
  3. Who Has Time for Patience? Goals are attained one "lick" at a time. One failure, one victory at a time! Let's persevere through the "not knowing", enjoying the "now", and focus.
  4. Red Flag Alert: Red flags forewarn of prickly leaders focused on short-term advantage, single-factor decisions, and self-preservation causing eroding support.
  5. What's a Memory Dart? Ditch the Elevator Pitch for Woodruff's Memory Dart, challenging you to distill your life's work into words that make you memorable and referable.
  6. Pronoia is REAL! Pronoid people are likable, capable and confident. Multipliers, expectations, and persistence empower their leadership and positive attitude.
  7. Identity Crisis: Our identities can become enmeshed with our jobs. How does your job performance, business card, and work past contribute to your Professional Identity?
  8. Virtual Networking: Geographical boundaries are limitless and access to people, infinite. What does it mean to be intentional about relationships, quirk, and service?
  9. What More Do You Need? Not only did NASA send a crew to the moon, they returned safely with less computing power than I have on my wrist! Learn how to win YOUR "space race".
  10. Change Fee: Improvement comes at quite a price-- a change fee. How does the airline ticket change fee shed light on the challenges of changing or not changing?
  11. A REVIEW