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Our Daily Workout Materials

  • Provide inspiring content used by Synergy Group Members.
  • Connect to others via the ALL-ACCESS Water Cooler.
  • Ask thoughtful business leadership questions.
  • Create great conversation starters about Christian faith.
  • Seek deeper thought inspired by Biblical references.
  • Establish quarterly and weekly goals.
  • Allow access from any device at any time.
  • Work for group and individual study.
  • Offer Light-hearted Wisdom for Serious Business.

These devotionals are extremely creative, visually appealing, and well-organized-- making Leadership Development and Spiritual Growth challenging and enjoyable!

I draw from my rich personal, corporate, consulting, coaching and entrepreneurial experience. I combine best practices with funny stories and clever analogies from history, science, nature, and technology.

Michelle Sugerman, PMP PCC
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Wonder why some leaders seem closer to God? 

Athletes train on a schedule, professionals strategize by quarter, and Christ-followers meet quietly with the Lord-- every day!

Enjoy clever, light-hearted resources written to inspire your daily devotional time. Our guided journaling, scripture readings, prayers, and stories are designed to strengthen your faith and stretch the possibilities.

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